At SunDate, the ancient culture of date cultivation meets state-of-the-art agricultural and production science. At our modern packing facility we follow strict food safety protocol. We adhere to a fully inegrated HACCP Program for food handling, production, packagin, storage, and shipment. Our products routinely undergo microbiological testing and meet the highest standards for food safety. SunDate regularly undergoes rigourous on-site third party audits and implements full product traceability. SunDate is a leader in the date industry implementing consistent and vigorous control procedures.

SunDate pa

cks only fresh California dates, which are grown, harvested, processed, and packed under strict standards. An onsite USDA inspector inspects the dates at each stage of processing. Only fruit meeting the highest standards of quality are packed and shipped under the SunDate label. SunDate is committed to being able to assure that each and every date will be as fresh and satisfying as the last.