At SunDate, the ancient culture of date cultivation meets state-of-the-art agricultural science, geared to the abundant sunshine of the California Desert. SunDate maintains a modern packinghouse and shipping facility with a keen eye on the increasingly sophisticated tastes of our customers. We’re very proud of our staff and their ability to provide the best pack possible!

 The sunny, warm climate and famously frugal precipitation of California’s Coachella Valley provide an ideal environment for the finicky date palm. Treasured for millenia for their delicate texture and natural sweetness, dates are regarded today as one of nature’s most nutritionally sound foods and are a staple in the diet of millions.

Date cultivation has been perfected ans passed along through countless generations of dedicated growers. SunDate is a proud heir to this rich tradition and brings to it a totally modern business sense with profound functionality.


A: The date palms in these stately rows are relative youngsters; adult trees reach heights of more than 65 feet.
B: Paper skirts protect the maturing dates from unwanted moisture.
C: A date bunch awaits harvest.
D: Newly-picked dates are rushed to the packing facility.
E: Sorted and inspected. Fruit is packed by hand.
F: Crates of packaged dates are prepared for shipment.